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Some of the best advice I ever received was from one of my undergrad writing teachers. She talked about how most of us beat ourselves up before we’re out of the gate. “Give your ideas a chance,” she said. This advice has stuck with me for writing and many things.

Another bit of advice came through a little later on. It was advice that would help deepen the above. One of my friends who I founded a school club with said that we have to have lots of ideas. …

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Intermittently, I will post new artist profiles at The Kitchen Sink Approach, and across my social media. I’d like to start with Salome MC, a brilliant, powerful, and compassionate human who is creating positive change through her art, music, music production and community building.

I met Salome in October 2020 at the Rockland Residency, where we, along with a grip of beautiful creatives in various mediums were awarded three weeks in the Rockland Woods to work on our respective art.

Salome MC is an Iranian musician, record producer, peace activist and multimedia artist. She is the first female rapper of…

“Beware the Writers” photography by Tameca L Coleman.

Introduction: There is No Better Time Than Now (?)

I want to host a book club at Literary Citizen: Writers Shaping Culture, and use that as a way to start connecting with community and generating ideas for content. Part of this want is to hold myself accountable for finishing certain books, rereading and thoroughly processing them, and also to have conversations in regard to those books as a way to continually move toward positive change.

Primarily, I didn’t want to accept more than nonfiction work for Literary Citizen, but I’ve decided to open that up. In a recent meeting…

Image: Woods Stuff from the Writing In Color Residency, 2019 (Lighthouse Writers Workshop)

The following is a cross post from my Patreon page, and was originally published 12/2/2020.

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I’m going to warn you. This post buries its lead. So I am attaching a front porch: In the space of this post, I talk a little about my guilt surrounding having a Patreon, and how I am partially alleviating that by using some of this space to amplify the work of creatives in some…

Say this Next time you Look into a Mirror.

I thought my best friend was crazy the first time I saw her smile coyly at herself in her full length mirror and giggle as she said to her reflection, “You are fly.”

We were going out dancing that night. She was dressed for the occasion, clothes and accessories making her even more beautiful. She glowed, and she told herself so.

I waited in disbelief, dressed in the same utilitarian clothes I used for just about everything, be it work, sitting at home or going out at night.

I barely looked at myself in the mirror back then. I didn’t carry a compact, let alone do more than glance at myself when I was going through the morning rituals of face-washing and teeth-brushing. …

I have killed many plants in my lifetime by simply neglecting them. I’m not proud of this, of course, and to my credit, the neglect was never intentional.

I’m just busy most of the time.

I’ve found that plants often persist and live despite chronic neglect. Even when thriving houseplants with plump, juicy leaves have turned into dried sprigs, they keep trying to live (albeit with limited economy). Weak little leaves doing the best they can push out of dried stems despite a dearth of the things they need like water, fertilizer, sun (and in some cases, shade).

The good…

Loving our quirks and idiosyncrasies brings us into the brightness of love.

Today, I’m reading articles on how and why we fall in love.

According to researchers, there are ten reasons why we do it. We see similarities in each other, find one another attractive and find each other socially acceptable, for example. There’s an air of mystery that draws us to one another which of course stokes our curiosity. We enjoy spending time together and among other things, we simply mutually like each other.

Out of all the reasons listed, the one that strikes me the most is the recurrent idea that we fall in love with each other’s quirks and…

I enjoyed this short talk by Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal about writer’s block, an ailment that at some point hits many of us writers. The talk was part of my Elephant Journal internship homework this week.

Below follows some of the things that really stuck out to me (I may be adding a bit of my own insights, as well):

Writer’s block is synonymous with a separation of one’s self from the written word. Meditation is a tool that can help with this, as it essentially brings the mind to ease and dissolves any sense of pushing or…

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They/them writer, artist, loves weird music & weirder line breaks, improvisation/experiment & creatives making positive change

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